Transparency, resolution, and transient response
Have you ever noticed that when listening to truly great music, the audio has a tactile quality? A sense of re
Air Motion Transformer
The Air Motion Transformer is an electromagnetic driver, as it is based on the Lorentz force that moves the air in the single folds The diaphragm itself has an aluminum circuit printed on it (violet arrows) and is surrounded by a strong magnetic field
Sound Phase Aligned
The most relevant and often discussed topic in the field of loudspeaker design these days is "Phase " Speaker builders around the world today, produce models with diffusers and with speakers arranged on different planes
To be Car HiFi
At Ars Aures we have always been interested in cars, and as a result we were delighted to accept the challenge to fit a high-end sound system into one
Push-Pull Dual Drive
Creating the next generation of Ars Aures KODO subwoofers was not something we undertook lightly With a long legacy of market-leading innovation to live up to, we are proud to present the Ars Aures KODO Series, built to bring new force, authority
Handmade Audio Instrument
You will hear the music as it was meant to be by the musician and recording-engineer As if you were there, in the studio or a live concert Listen into the music - without fatiguing